Our Impact

corporate and social responsibility

The HiGro group is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen by investing in companies that create value for its investors and society at large. HiGro believes in operating in a spirit that benefits all stakeholders of the communities of which it participates in: (1) investors (2) clients and customers (3) management teams and (4) and employees. The central tenant of this spirit is to build strong companies that create jobs, grow local and national economies and improve the lives of families.


 our impact - workforce development

THE HIGRO GROUP makes a deliberate effort to improve the lives of us military and returning citizens. often underserved and overlooked, the higro group has stated targets of these communities reaching  10% of the entire workforce base of portfolio companies

us Military

The HiGro Group makes a deliberate attempt to "Hire Heros" so that US military members, veterans and military spouses can successfully transition and succeed in the civilian workforce. As part of its strategy, HiGro partners with existing organizations focused on the recruitment of the veteran community. Additionally, HiGro works directly with its management team to track recruitment, training and retention efforts dedicated to the US military population. 



returning citizens

The HiGro Group makes a deliberate attempt to hire formerly incarcerated citizens seeking a new path of life through stable and rewarding employment. As part of its strategy, HiGro works to implement strategies such as "Ban the Box" in recruitment efforts of employees.