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Welcome to the HiGro Group. Our Principals bring over 20 years of combined finance and legal experience. Having worked at the largest Wall Street investment banks and also in private equity, the Principals worked on transactions where large, complex $1 billion plus transactions were a "dime a dozen". Through these experiences, the Principals were able to develop extensive networks of capital providers, civic leaders and corporate professionals. Additionally, the Principals developed the rare skill of delivering and successfully executing highly sophisticated transactions. However, what they observed, was that, in many cases, these highly valuable resources of (1) great networks and (2) financial experience was not being delivered to many of the companies that mattered the most; lower middle market, entrepreneurial companies.   

In January 2016, the Principals decided to make their friendship a partnership and formed The HiGro Group. Since then, The HiGro Group has secured the financial commitments of well capitalized families and individuals and the sage advice of highly successful operators and industry experts. In November 2016, The Principal's efforts culminated in the acquisition of CSA Services, a routes management services provider to the Healthcare, Kiosks, Power and Technology sectors. The HiGro group is optimistic about the opportunity and the Principals have obligated themselves to working day to day to build the company alongside a promising management team.  

The HiGro momentum continues to build as their reputation expands and its partners continue to support. The Principals are eager to work with those who share HiGro's values and want to build over the long term. HiGro is currently pursuing additional investment opportunities and looks forward to supporting promising entrepreneurs, founders, operators and owners.



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